Hey lovelies! I answered some questions with The Big Idea prior to recording that podcast with Don’t Give Up Your Day Job, and there are some really great nuggets about pursuing a career in music and what can make you successful. A must-read for aspiring professional musicians, have a read!

What advice would you give someone wanting to pursue a similar career?

Before you worry about fans and tours and recording for commercial release, focus on perfecting your art, your craft, your instrument. That’s what all this is built on, after all – especially if you want to have a lasting, life-long career in music.

So what does that mean?


Hey lovelies! A few weeks ago, I spent a great Saturday afternoon chatting about the music industry with some super smart and lovely musical humans, Danny McCrum and Bobby Kennedy.

We recorded some of that great afternoon chat in the ‘Don’t Give Up Your Day Job’ podcast. We talk lots about the music industry, and Bobby and Danny asked me some really great questions about my music journey, my story, and my history and how the things I’ve learned can apply to other musicians. You’ll basically feel like you’re hanging out with us if you listen to this, and we delve into some interesting political and social issues surrounding the music industry, the US, what we owe each other as musicians, and more.

You can listen on the Don’t Give Up Your Day Job website, or you can find it on iTunes and other podcast purveyors.

**There is some language on this podcast, so if that bothers you just skip this one <3 **

Stay tuned, my loves. There’s more news coming!

Wowee! Thanks to Dick Metcalf of Contemporary Fusion Reviews for a beautiful review of Wandering Soul. Here are some little snippets:

“Rachel LaFond – WANDERING SOUL: Rachel’s May 2017 debut solo piano album is truly among the most captivating listens you will have this year!”

“..her strident and straightforward playing style and deeply creative energy sets her performance apart from all the other players I listen to on a daily basis…”

“I give Rachel a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, with an “EQ” (energy quotient) rating of 4.99 for this sonic adventure.” (more…)

I’m absolutely FLOORED and SO HONORED by this gorgeous review of Wandering Soul that just came in from international music writer Steve Sheppard over at One World Music Radio. Just about every new age solo piano album released comes across his desk for review, so I am especially overwhelmed by his enthusiastic, effusive writing about Wandering Soul! I’ve included the text of the entire review below, but to give you a sense, here are some tidbits:

“…she produces some of the most empowered and also tender passages you’re likely to hear.”

“…a truly delightful and thought provoking journey…”

“…One must truly applaud her rather wonderful style of being able to create such wonderful visuals within the mind’s eye…”

“I keep coming across favourites [tracks] and this is another, totally sublime in all ways.”

“I must say I loved every second of this release, now many will know I get many solo piano albums across my desk, but this is a real bar raiser, Wandering Soul is a quality album that I feel will reach the heart and minds of all who listen.

In my opinion this rates in the top 5 of my favourite solo piano offerings over the last couple of years, each track is crafted in the most professional way, to bring us the eager listener a truly marvellous and empowering experience, and as such is completely recommended.”


I’m pleased-as-can-be with my first-ever industry review from Kathy Parsons over at MainlyPiano.com! She wrote such *beautiful* things about Wandering Soul.


Here are some of my favorite snippets:


“Her playing has the grace and expression of a true artist with the refinement and confidence of a well-trained musician – a very powerful combination! …I can very easily imagine Rachel LaFond becoming one of my favorite artists!”


That’s quite a statement coming from Kathy. If you take a look at her website, you’ll see she’s reviewed hundreds of New Age solo piano albums! She even chose Wandering Soul as one of “Kathy’s Picks”, which means she especially recommends it to those reading her reviews. I’m over-the-moon and almost a little overwhelmed by this gorgeous review , thank you so much Kathy!


I’ve copied Kathy’s review below, or you can find the original at http://mainlypiano.com/reviews/rachel-lafond-wandering-soul