Rachel LaFond on Don’t Give Up Your Day Job with Danny McCrum and Bobby Kennedy

Hey lovelies! A few weeks ago, I spent a great Saturday afternoon chatting about the music industry with some super smart and lovely musical humans, Danny McCrum and Bobby Kennedy.

We recorded some of that great afternoon chat in the ‘Don’t Give Up Your Day Job’ podcast. We talk lots about the music industry, and Bobby and Danny asked me some really great questions about my music journey, my story, and my history and how the things I’ve learned can apply to other musicians. You’ll basically feel like you’re hanging out with us if you listen to this, and we delve into some interesting political and social issues surrounding the music industry, the US, what we owe each other as musicians, and more.

You can listen on the Don’t Give Up Your Day Job website, or you can find it on iTunes and other podcast purveyors.

**There is some language on this podcast, so if that bothers you just skip this one <3 **

Stay tuned, my loves. There’s more news coming!

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