I’ve been playing the piano since I was a toddler, but only began writing music in 2013.  Growing up in the Seattle area, my mother was a busy piano teacher, so I was always surrounded by and immersed in piano music – every life event had a piano soundtrack.   As a teenager, I had the opportunity to live and study piano in Vienna, which was as eye-opening and horizon-broadening as you can imagine.  I majored in music at University, and afterwards pursued a life busy with piano teaching and performing.

Fast forward a bit: in September of 2013 I met the love of my life, which it turns out isn’t just a cheesy tagline. I was inspired by the overwhelming flow of intense emotion to write my first-ever composition, Loving in the Rain.  Nothing much happened on the writing-music front until 2015, when my husband and I quit our jobs and sold everything we owned to travel the world for a year.  Inspiration for the rest of my debut album, Wandering Soul, came with the fantastic places, sights, and people we saw that year.

I am currently living in Auckland, New Zealand with my husband.  I released Wandering Soul on May 15, and am already working on my second album.