Enchanting pianist and composer Rachel LaFond is a musical poet who tells epic tales about life’s sweet mysteries and its most powerful moments through solo piano music. Her fine-tuned technique, natural instinct for songwriting and deep belief in the piano as a vehicle for authentic expression shine through during her delicate recordings and compelling performances. Inspired by her personal journey and the vibrant stories of others, Rachel taps into a world overflowing with raw emotion and joy as she dives deep into the complex nature of humanity through music that rings out like an intimate conversation.

Rachel’s debut album Wandering Soul is a meditative collection of original solo piano compositions inspired by her travels. Featuring sweeping melodies and ethereal harmonies, each song is full of wonder and romance. The album burst forth after Rachel and her husband David left everything behind to explore the wonders of the world. Each song is a love story about what she saw along the way and reflects her passionate reunion with the piano after many months apart.

Music has filled Rachel’s universe since childhood, and she always dreamed of being a concert pianist. Raised by a single mother who was a piano teacher, she began lessons early on and found the instrument to be an easy companion, wrapping herself in its complex sound and ability to convey deep emotion. Rachel began teaching her own students at the age of 11 and sang in choirs from an early age. She continued choral work and voice lessons throughout her studies at the University of Washington, where she majored in piano but never lost her appreciation for collaborative and choral music, which enriches the melodic structure of her solo work.

Though Rachel’s roots are in classical training, she has always sought out unconventional methods of enriching her artistry and gravitates towards contemporary instrumental music in her own writing. As a teenager, she lived in Vienna for several stretches of time, studying with a professor at the University of Vienna. A piano teacher herself for 20 years, she has taken numerous master classes and also studied with Dr. Peter Mack of Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle and Dr. Regina Yeh at the University of Washington. She has also been a featured artist on One World Music Radio.

Now settled in Auckland, New Zealand, Rachel has dedicated herself to her artistry and continues to pour her whole heart into her craft. She is currently writing new music for her second album, which she plans to release in mid-2018.

Wandering Soul is available now.

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